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Ericson Gallery II has quietly sold and purchased quality antiques since the 1970's. We enjoy compelling folk art, textiles and metal objects of primarily Scandinavian origin. Graphic American quilts and nomadic oriental rugs complete our "öeuvre".

"My exuberant interest in art and antiques began as an antidote to biochemistry in medical school. Curly maple furniture, mid-drip candlesticks as well as Kazak rugs were supplemented by naively painted Scandinavian objects following my first trip to Sweden (my ancestral homeland)."

The placement of antique art forms in collections and institutions has been bittersweet, however, exhibitions have eased the sting of loss. Of special consolation has been the inspired photographic "collection" created by our oldest son Nils and contained herein.

Thank you for reviewing the images of much pleasurable labor. The fervid pursuit of such a passion relies on the support of friends and family which in turn is balanced by nurturance of three unexcelled "non-antique" grandchildren.

Tom Ericson

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